Epic prepper supplies can be the difference between life and death in a crisis.

At the height of a disaster the best prepper food is going to be difficult to come by. It pays to be prepared in advance by buying your prepper supplies wholesale.

The length and intensity of a disaster scenario is often difficult to predict. You should never underestimate how quickly a situation can devolve into chaos.

The survival of you and the group is going to depend heavily on both the quality and quantity of the prepper supplies you stock.

Prepper food by no means has to be basic. On the contrary we are going to detail some of the best tasting freeze dried food, among other things, that the market has to offer.

So, to get you started we have put together our own prepper food list including all the best food for survival to have in your home.

Types of Prepper Supplies

There are a few important factors when getting together your prepper supplies. The relative important of each factor varies but all are worth keeping in mind.

1. Shelf Life – Will the food keep for long enough in an extended disaster scenario?
2. Nutritional Value 
– Does the food provide enough calories, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, protein and fat?
3. Storage Space – Do you have a cool, dry and secure space in the house and how much food and water can be stored there?
4. Equipment – Do you have all the necessary gear to prepare and cook the food?
5. Water Usage – How much water is needed for the different types of food you plan to store?

The prepper food list that follows is by no means an exhaustive guide. Please use your common sense and tailor your final list to your own specific circumstances. Also try to buy your prepper supplies wholesale.

1. Water

Clean, distilled drinking water is #1 on your list of prepper supplies to stock.

An adult human can’t last for longer than a few days without it.

In the human body water serves a number of critical functions. It cools the body down when it is too hot, it aids in the digestion of food, and it helps to keep vital organs hydrated and operating.

Water is also essential for the cooking of food. Many, many types of food are either cooked using or prepared in water. You should therefore have a way of storing a large quantity of distilled water that is safe for human consumption.

The average adult male drinks 3.7 litres of water a day. But be sure to factor in what you need for both cooking and washing.

2. Bulk Dry Goods

In a crisis bulk dry goods are going to make up a sizable portion of your prepper supplies. You need to remember that a disaster situations tend to throw up a whole host of energy depleting activities.

Bulk dry goods are best stored in a low oxygen food buckets like the recommended products listed below. This will help to preserve your food for much longer than usual.

A lot of these dry prepper foods will require a fair bit of water to cook and prepare. Bare this in mind when deciding what and how much to stock.


Rice is the most consumed staple food on earth and comes in countless varieties. So you may be a little spoiled for choice.

It is packed full of calories and a small amount goes a long way. It has a long storage life and is very economical.

Rice can be combined with a whole host of simple to prepare dishes. Cooking time is minimal and requires very little attention.


Oatmeal is a heartening way to begin any day and is eaten by many people for breakfast.

It is a high energy option and is super tasty. It fills you up for any challenges in the day ahead.

You can add all sorts of flavours to give it an extra punch. Cinnamon and nutmeg are two spices that go well with oatmeal. You can also add dried fruits and sugar to up the flavour factor. It can be eaten either raw or cooked.


Beans provide a lot of bang for your buck and come in all sorts of shapes, flavours, textures and sizes. Red, black, runner, pinto and many many more.

The nutritional content will vary across the different types so it is impossible to choose “the best”. Personal taste is going to be a big factor in your choice.

They are prepared using water and can be cooked with other foods like rice. They are best combined with rice or meat dishes to add that additional nutritional wow factor to any meal.

Dried Fruits

Fruits are packed full of nutritional goodness. Boasting a diverse range of potential options, fruit is an indispensable addition to your prepper food.

Fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. In the short term they will help boost your immune system and keep you healthy for longer.

They are perfect as a snack between meals or can be combined with other meals like oatmeal.


The average American consumes 20 pounds of pasta every year. So when the SHTF you are going to need a few buckets of the stuff to keep your group content.

Pasta provides you with energy, as well as many essential nutrients including fiber, vitamins and minerals.

You can pair your pasta with other nutrient packed ingredients to rustle up a number of healthy sustaining meals. But bare in mind that along with rice, pasta requires a lot of water to cook.


Also known as white gold, this energy packed compound, if used properly is a necessary source of energy for the body.

If your body runs out of energy it will begin using vital proteins as fuel. This can mean that in a crisis you need enough of the right fuel. Sugar can help fill that void.

It needs to be stored in an airtight bucket away from humidity and sunlight. It can many dishes including oatmeal to give you more fuel in the morning.

3. Canned Foods

A well stocked and varied collection of canned foods is going to really boost the amount of time that you feel comfortable weathering a crisis.

Canned goods are a simple and convenient way to stock meat, fish and vegetables for a long time. They are easy to organize and can be used with many of the bulk dry foods in the previous section.

They offer a decent shelf life and are an useful prepper food for anyone on a budget.

Canned Meat

Anyone with a diet that includes this rich source of protein is going to be stronger and more prepared for a crisis.

Meats like beef, chicken and lamb provide a tonne of necessary protein. They are a sources of all the essential amino acids as well as being high in iron. Eating meat also provides your body with the vitamin B-12.

Meat should be the main component of either lunch or dinner and canned meat is easily prepared and compliments many of the other prepper foods recommended.

Canned Fish

Fish as a protein source is a viable alternative to land animal meat. There are many tasty canned fish options.

Oily varieties of fish are a great source of fats and essential oils and provide the body with much needed protein.

There a few good options for canned fish including tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines and anchovies. Each has their own flavour and health benefits. We love mixing anchovies with absolutely everything.

Canned Vegetables

There are many nutritional positives to fresh vegetables, but the major negative is that they wont last longer without refrigeration. This is where canned vegetables come in. They provide much of the same nutritional goodness as fresh vegetables but have year long shelf lives and are often cheaper.

When the vegetables themselves are canned they are are their freshest. That being said, in order to preserve them, the vegetables have a much higher sodium content.

There are numerous options with our personal favorites being green beans, sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkin but there are many many more. They complement almost any meat dish and can be added to a pasta sauce, soups, or stews to increase their nutrient density.

Canned Soup

On a cold nuclear winter’s day a steaming bowl of canned soup is going to be something to perk anyone up. Canned soups are one of the best tasting prepper foods.

If you choose your soup wisely you can be sure to cover many of the necessary nutritional benchmarks.

Our favourite options include clam chowder, lentil, minestrone, chicken noodle, and traditional tomato soups. To cook and prepare a canned soup can take less than 5 minutes.

4. Drink Mixtures

In a crisis, it isn’t just food that keeps spirits high. You need to be well stocked with some basic drinks mixtures.

A lots of preserved or powdered products can be drunk when mixed with water but be careful to factor in this water usage.

Tea and Coffee

I love tea! And I occasionally have coffee. It is a natural part of most people’s morning ritual. I wouldn’t survive long without tea.

Both are a superb source of caffeine and in a crisis you may have to stay alert and awake for many hours. Coffee and tea can be bought in bulk in vacuum sealed bricks and should be one of last things you run out of.

Dried Milk

Milk is highly nutritious containing the minerals calcium, potassium and magnesium and a number of B and D vitamins. A tall of glass of milk provides a tasty alternative to water and helps to keep hunger at bay for a while.

A good supply of powdered milk is great for your cooking, baking and drinking needs. You are definitely going to want to have plenty on hand if you have kids. Fresh milk, however, gets spoiled fast when not stored in a fridge so powered milk is your only real option.

5. Cooking Oils

Cooking oil is necessary for anyone attempting to cook and mix multiple ingredients including meat, fish and vegetables. Your body also naturally needs a certain amount of fats to function.

There are a few options available. Olive oil is good source of monounsaturated fats with a strong flavour, canola oil is inexpensive and walnut oil is a good source of omega-3.

Be sure to stock enough cooking oil in your prepper supplies for a long stay and be aware of anyone sensitive digestive problems when making your choice.

6. Spices and Herbs

Dried herbs and spices are a great way to add flavor to prepper foods without adding extra fat, salt or sugar. Most spices have fantastic health benefits including delaying heart disease, and cancer prevention. Herbs have also been used for hundreds of years to treat a wealth of different medical conditions.

The choice of which to include is of course your own, but I just couldn’t be with garlic, ginger and ginseng.

Trying to produce similar tasting food to before the disaster can keep motivation levels high. Just make sure you stock the dried varieties and not the fresh ones.

Final Thoughts on Prepper Supplies

So, that’s all I want to say for today. It is now over to you begin the long process of getting together all the prepper food. I have linked to some amazon product in this article but it is best to shop around and find the best quality for the lowest price.

Remember the 5 key factors of what to choose and be both smart and ruthless in making your choices.

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