A super volcano, the AI singularity or peak oil. What do these scenarios have in common? Well, they are just some of the potential ways in which the world, as we know it, could come to an end. Throughout human history, people have speculated endlessly about the potential ways in which humanity could be wiped out. And as the human experience has become more complex the list of these apocalyptic scenarios has grown and grown.

While some scenarios are far-fetched, see Ragnarok or Gamma Ray Bursts, others seem to be realistic possibilities, see Political Revolution or Global Warming. Understandably, most people fear these doomsday scenarios, but there are some among us who are taking steps to better understand these cataclysmic events and to be prepared if they occur. A community of what the internet has termed preppers.

But What Is Go Apocalypse?

Go Apocalypse is an online space, a base camp if you will, for people who share an interest in this topic and perspective. The aim with this website is twofold. One to provide advice for anyone looking to be prepared in the event of some of these scenarios. And two to provide accurate and informative information about the plethora of possible apocalypse.

This will involve our team researching and reviewing products that might be useful in some apocalyptic scenarios. Putting together the best bug out bag (bob) lists and detailing where to source the best prepper supplies. But don’t get me wrong, in the event of an alien invasion, your water purifying straw isn’t going to be of much use. That being said our advice is for the sensible citizen with an eye to the future. There are situations where it will pay to be prepared and there is a whole community of preppers crying out for good content in this area.

This is an active community and we welcome all forms of communication with our readers as we want this community to continue to grow and grow. So if you love what we are doing, hate what we are doing or just want to talk about which hatchet to buy in the event of a zombie apocalypse then feel free to get in touch!

Meet the Team So Far…



Founder and Editor

Andy is a web designer, a writer, and an adventure survivalist with a “passion” for all things apocalyptic. His favorite apocalyptic survival item would have to be the water filtration life straw.




Sam is a firearms enthusiast and writer specializing in emergency management and weapons of mass destruction preparedness. His favorite survival tool is the Ruger 10/22.